How do I acquire the courage again?

5 months ago I asked out the biggest crush I have ever had in my life

I really came out of my shell for I don't know why or how but I acquired the courage and confidence to try and I guess it's because I had extremely strong emotion for her, well I got rejected and it hurt but I moved on

now though if I see a girl I like i'm having trouble acquiring the courage and confidence I had 5 months ago to try



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  • Oh I just loved your post so much I had to respond. I think we've ALL been there before.

    I know I have a time or two. Rejection sucks but you have to remind yourself you aren't God and aren't going to be right for everybody. It doesn't make you less than you already are, you're great! Otherwise you wouldn't be asking.

    For me in that situation I would take some time off from dating (only a month or so) treat myself well, remind myself what I love about me and why people love me, surround myself with some good friends then go back out strong as I ever was.

    The thing is, know that you have a lot to offer but finding the person that fits you is like every one in ten at best. I would go on first dates knowing in all likelihood this may be good conversation but not turn into a thing.

    • You achieved a lot. You td her you liked her and got shutdown. No worries. Be proud that you came out with it and now you know it will never be. Trust me- the worst thing is keeping it to yourself and never knowing. That's the cowards way and one I've taken before. It's better to hurt a little in the short run than run into them 30 years from now wondering what if...

      Yay you!!! Props on putting yourself out there!!! Nothing good comes easy. 😊

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    • If she can't like you for you she isn't worth it long term. Maybe for someone else but not you. There will be someone else who likes you just the way you are.

    • yea I'm looking for her

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  • I really like @sjoes006 response. I'm about to do what you did 5 months ago. Easily the biggest crush of my life and in a few days when I see her again I'll finally build the courage to ask after a year and a half.

    What's giving me the courage? A few things. For one, living life wondering and hoping and wishing is mentally destructive. I've decided I've MUCH rather be given a No over going months or years crushing and wondering What if? A No is much better than keeping it in and letting it eat at you from the inside. Plus, there is the possibility of a Yes!

    Another thing is I think to myself I never want to look at a crush of mine, then look at her boyfriend, and say to myself "It could of been me." I never want to be in that position. I never want to think "it could have" or "What if".

    And lastly, crushing on someone will stop you from liking others and potentially meeting someone else. You can't waste time like that. You have one life, live it! Love it! All the ups and downs.

    • Exactly! You rather know it's over and you don't stand a chance. And it may hurt I. The short while but trust me, six months from now you will see with clear eyes. The person is great and whatever but you SEE they aren't for you. The magic wears off if it isn't want to be. I PROMISE.

      Unrequited love is the biggest waste and once you get over the hump it is like wtf. Long term I've never been sorry for just being like- hey I like you- do you like me? Nips it in the bud.

    • hmm I see

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