Is getting a degree really that important for success in a relationship?

I value education and I know my guy is trying, or so he says, but he is 26 and still does not have his AA. I am 25, with a BA, and soon to be 4 certificates. I feel he is more laid back with this but he is "trying". He wants to get his AA and BA but he has no time schedule for it. He does work full time as a lead lab tech. I just want whats best for this but some people I know seem displeased and think a man of his age should have a degree or I should date someone at the same level as I am, tho he does earn more than me. This is not a money issue, it is security and success issue. I want what is best for us, for him, and for the future.
  • We both have a degree
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  • As long as she has a decent stable job I really don't care, if she had a degree or not, I know plenty of people who no college degree's that are among the smartest people and nicest people I know. I mean my father is a master oil painter who is self taught and puts artists with arts degree's and art professors to shame. So it's not like your not smart if you don't have one *shrugs*

    That being said I certainly wouldn't mind if she does have a degree because it would mean more money and knowledge, etc, etc. But it's not going to be a deal breaker if she doesn't have one. Personally I am getting one from one of the best schools in the world for professions training for my career but that's were it stops for me since I financed my own education, and I don't plan on starting my life financially wiped out by student loans.

    I'll continue to learn, educate and better myself but not by wasting thousands, upon thousands of dollars for fields I have no desire to be in, instead I'll put that money into a house, my retirement etc, etc.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think it's necessary at all. I don't think someone has to have a degree in order to be successful. I will be getting my degree in May but I wouldn't require my partner to have a degree. There are other things that I think are more important. As long as he has a job and is hard working, it doesn't matter to me if he has a piece of paper from a University or not.


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  • My fiancĂ©e didn't go to college, and she's the most down to earth, sweet, and kind woman I've ever met.


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  • personally id love for both of us to have a degree. i work my butt off to get good grades. i don't like being with someone who doesn't work hard or doesn't challenge me.

    i have a vision for a family in mind, and getting jobs that can provide will make that vision clearer. I'm not asking for too much.

  • ... you don't need a degree to be in a relationship. I feel like you're thinking about money and social status a little too much. If it bothers you that much, end it.


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