How much does social media impact how you deal with the prospective partners?

Do you tend to avoid dating girls or guys based on there social media? There's this girl I was dating briefly, anytime we would get in an argument or things would be shaky she'd tend to post selfies in hopes for attention from guys or to make me jealous, total turn off for me, you thoughts?
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  • Yeah I mean I wouldn't date a guy who loved to take so much selfie and post them so girls could hassle him! Its crazy! The only thing I use is gag! I can't be with someone soo much intune with his media image... its just too much... I am more of a spirt kind of person!


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  • I missed read the thing. I would change it to C.

    I love how my boyfriend is. He doesn't give a rats ass about social media sites. Nor does he care to take any pictures of himself, put them online, tell about his mood, life, etc. To him social media is pointless to him unless it has some kind of use. Like with twitter he can use that to keep up with news from his college, LCS, football (soccer) team, etc.

    The only social media site I use is girlsaskguys and that's it. My boyfriend knows i'm on gag and what questions I ask. Also he knows I posted a question about how I look and I even sent him the link to check out the comments. I don't keep anything from him while i'm on here.


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