Have you ever dated a fat girl/guy? What was the sex like?

Hi there. I'm a 19 year old girl and I'm asking this question because I'm a fat girl and I'm going to be in my first relationship soon and he expects sex from me. He knows I'm "chubby" (his words) and he still intends on sleeping with me which I think is a good thing? Anyway, have any of you ever been in a relationship with a big/fat girl? When I say fat, I mean fat. I'm not thick or chubby like Adele, I'm more like Rebel Wilson but a taller version so I don't look as "pudgy" as her, but I'm roughly her size physically if that still makes sense. What was the sex like? Did it ever make you feel sick or did you love it more than sleeping with a slim, beautiful girl? Thank you! I'm only asking this because once again, he'll be my first everything and if your responses are so brutally honest then I may think twice about this relationship until I hard core starve myself and excerisize to the bone.
My BODY looks like Rebel Wilson's, not my FACE! (for anybody who gets confused by my post!)


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  • First, if you look like Rebel Wilson, you look hot! Second, if you don't know this guy well enough to know what his reaction will be, then you don't know him well enough to have sex with him. I mean that. Why would you have your first time (it's kind of special) be with some guy that you 1) know so little about 2) Can't trust with your closest possession - your body 3) "expects" sex from you? YOU ARE NOT A SEX STORE. He should "expect" to have a relationship with you. At some point that relationship MAY involve sex. He (and you) have it sideways.

    • Hi! Thanks for the answer! I've actually known the dude since I was probably 9 or 10, to be honest. We were estranged friends for a good 5 years but recently got in contact again the past few weeks/months. We're really into each other but I've only met up with him 3 times since we got in contact again! I'm still quite nervous about everything sexual. I really want to do it with him and he's only done it 2 times so I'm scared I won't be as good because I'm fat! Thank you though.

    • I've had sex with a number of women. I like BBWs. The sex is as good or better with them. At the risk of being vulgar, forgive me, "there's more cushion for the pushin."

    • That said, have a relationship, but WAIT until you know him better. Sex has its own sort of inevitability - it happens when it happens.

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  • I've never been with a fat person so I don't know what the sex is like but id say the go to position is missionary. Don't be so down on yourself


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