Should I ask her out?

I have a student in my Geology class that's very dedicated but struggles when she takes her tests. She does all the classwork and homework. She is not the best on the subject but I can perceive her effort and dedication. I have noticed she always does things to get my attention. Most of the time she looks at me with this sweet look and smiles at me all the time. Sometimes I make horrible jokes and she laughs at them, it seems like an honest joy. I've caught her many times looking at me and and smiling. I noticed one time she was looking at me up and down; and when she noticed I saw her, she looked down. I haven't date many women and I'm not sure about this woman. Is she interested or am I misunderstanding the situation?
  • She's flirting, she likes you, ask her out!
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  • She's just been a nice person.
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  • She smiles a lot, that makes her a little weird!.
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  • How old is she?

    • She's 25, I'm her Geology professor.

    • Then sure, wasn't sure if we were talking highschool or not

    • Thanks 😊👍🏼

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