I made contact online with this girl now not sure where to try and take things?

i hadn't seen her since the end of the summer , she worked at a restaurant i went to but has since went off to school in the city. i hadn't tried to stay in touch with her online and after a while decided i missed her and maybe i should try , so i finally added her to twitter and sent her a short tweet but now not sure where to try and take things. i think she responded positively to this as she did retweet my original tweet to her so she did aknowledge i made contact. she hasn't really said anything back and i don't even like have her # to reach her that way. any thoughs?


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  • DM her ask for her number, you can't possibly gauge someone's interest over a retweet.. If she interested she will give you her number

    If not then you save yourself wasting time

    • agree I need a more private way to communicate with her

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