Never moved on after bad, short relationship? She I think about settling again?

When I was 22, I went out for 4 months with my first boyfriend. I knew it was a bad idea when I first started going out with him because I wasn't attracted to him. However, I figured I was too old to be a virgin and he was a genuinely good man who I thought I could possibly develop feelings for.

I did sleep with him, felt disgusted with myself and broke up with him. Now I totally refuse to go on a second date with a man I find unattractive on the first -- and have been single ever since. Am I being too picky again? I'm nearly 30 and feel I can't be picky anymore. I've never been in love. Though I've been attracted to a couple of men, I've never dated anyone I was attracted to.


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  • You're not too picky. It's better to be with someone you are attracted to rather than settle. You already said that you felt disgusted when you slept with your first boyfriend. Do you truly want to feel that way in every relationship? If not, then don't date anyone whom you're not attracted to.


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