Is it wrong for me to be turned off by this?

I'm dating This girl and I'm sorta turned off at the fact that she posts like 3 selfies on snapchat a day, seems like she may be an attention whore, the selfies are always very posed like duck lips trying to look sexy kinda selfies. Am I wrong for being turned off by this? girl is 21 by the way
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  • Pfft trust me I'd feel the same way. I don't really like when people try to look sexy every hour of the day. I do find it to be attention seeking but I don't see them as a bad person. It is annoying I have to say xD


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  • Duck lip poses are a turn off it doesn't matter who it is posting them


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  • I wanted to vote Turn Off, but I accidentally voted B.
    I think it's normal that you're turned off by this. It's a behaviour you don't like. It's just like I wouldn't date a guy who posts selfies showing his abs. It turns me off too.

  • Well if you don't like that than don't date her!

    • I mean I'm just more inquiring whether that's normal or excessive?

    • it sounds like you don't think its normal!

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