Is my girlfriend being unreasonable or am I just being a "bitch" as she says?

I was supposed to drive my girlfriend to the gym today, she didn't reply to my message for like an hour. I get a call from my mother telling me grandma is at the hospital she had a heart attack. I rush to the hospital and when I rush into the ER doors they tell me she is dead, saw her body went into shock imediately left... get a call back from my girl telling me her phone was on vibrate and I'm like"ohh okay" then she asked me "are you alright " I said "no" she keeps prying for it but I'm still in shock so I change the subject abruptly askijg if she still needs a ride to the gym... she just hangs up on me

I get a call from my mother telling me the my granda was dead for two minutes but thankfully she got revived which I'm grathefull for and relieved as hell. text my girlfriend telling her what happened ad she just text "k"

she kept ignoring me the whole day and I asked her what her problem was its not like her to not talk to me ALL day dso she started arguing saying that I'm always acting like a bitch wtf


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  • First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that but I'm glad she's okay now. Now.. you have the right to grieve however you need to. Your girlfriend needs to respect this and support you, after all, family can't be replaced like she can. If she doesn't straighten up and treat you like she should, move on. Someone will. Don't chase her around trying to fix this because you didn't do anything wrong. I hope all goes well for you, remember your worth. Good luck.


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  • it sounds like she wants to be ur only priority, and doesn't care about ur needs, I can't even think of a better metaphor right now, u a family member dying, and she can't understand stand that

    • she's typically very nice and understanding but today this happened and she's still pissed at me for something I didn't even do

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