Anyone familiar with the behavior of White males in the Northwest? Why they seem so scared of Latinas?

I was dating a white guy for 10 months, he wasn't allowing us to get any closer and he would tell me things like; "You're too much woman for me", "I dont understand what a woman like you sees in a guy like me?" Yet he would tell me, "What do I need to do to keep you in my life?"
Killed me!!! I was VERY INTO HIM (and he showed deep interest in me) and he absolutely LOVED grabbing my curves, as his last girl was Asian and HE admitted he enjoyed the upgrade in certain areas. He would always tell me how hot I was and how I turned him on, but once I lashed out (my hot-headed-latina side) because he wasn't giving answers on our relationship status, he withdrew and just shut down. Ran off with an Asian girl and said to me that now he was ready for a relationship. :(

I'm very frustrated. Seems most white men are so sensitive! Latina's LOVE that passion and have that feisty character, but we are ever so caring of the home and our men. I for one love to cook, I'm attentive and dammit do I love sex so never a dull moment with me! Also, I make sure I'm always dressed nicely and keep fit. So, what is it? "Too good to be true deal?"
He also kept saying, "There's more to you that I don't know, like you're hiding something"
WHAT? NOTHING! I just want a man to be a man and handle me as his woman, slap my ass here and there, get romantic, let me feed and spoil him, go out and get away, travel together...(and I'm not jealous like most Latinas)

::broken heart:: :(


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  • No one's scared of you, you were just being pushy and then got all emotional and figured "Hey, it's my Latin heat!" was a good enough excuse to exonerate your bratty attitude, so he left.

    I'd leave you, too; I don't care how honest your hips are.

    • I'm asking opinions from experienced men, not injured, resentful boys, in which now that I think about it, maybe that's what he was. smh

      Thank you for stopping by. :)

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    • Pipe down Justin Bieber and why don't you sign into your animal jam account and harass and insult little girls there, where you'll REALLY feel powerful.

    • I have no idea what that is, but it's cool to see you do. Is that where you pick up the majority of your dates since no man your own age wants a cougar?

  • I'm guessing you're the yummy one on the left?

    Every man is different... he was just too weak for you

    • ugh.. you being a thirsty fuck is why these girls have too high of egos.

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    • I do hope you find a man soon, though, so he can straighten your bad attitude out, and nobody will have to deal with your menopause and other old woman problems.

    • @Nuqood Honey, apparently you are beyond a baffoon, please, go ahead and assume ALL you want of me, but your true anger is your mommy dearest and some exs. My deal is that I haven't allowed myself to end up with roadkill like yourself, and to be honest I've been the one to leave the relationships, this one obviously why I posted the question.
      ::sigh:: Ok, little Bieber, fuck off now, bend over and suck your own pinky-sized twinkie while you're so turned on by me. Retard..

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