Does my boyfriend just want to smoke weed?

Me and my boyfriend been together 4 years on and off. He used to be a big stoner and after 2 years started smoking again. All the time he's high now. We don't even argue no more and he makes arguments that all I want to do is "spend time" with him, and he can't be on his own. We see eachother like 3 times a week because HE always says he misses me. And when he says he's "busy" and "can't see me" he always pics up my sisters boyfriend to go smoke weed. It seems like that's all he cares about now. Before he started smoking he would always be here and when we would get into arguments he would always call me and apologize and say he wants to be wit me. Now he can careless because he's always high. I broke up with him & haven't heard from him for 2 days which isn't how he normally is. I need advice.


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  • Sounds like you did the right choice. Don't be surprised if he decides to try something stronger when weed is not enough anymore.


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  • I had the same thing going on with 2 different guys. The weed is more important to them. They would always make plans with me, I would go and they wouldn't show up. Guess whyyyyy, weed. I don't know why but it's always more important to them.

    • Did the guy eventually realize? This had happened before to me too with the same guy, and he eventually stopped weed and that's how he realized. But right now since he's barely started doing it again he's not realizing./:

    • Yeah one of them noticed it after I broke up with him. We got back together, he swore he would stop smoking and all that, after a couple months, it was the same thing all over again. Just don't message him or anything, he's gonna miss you and he'll see where he went wrong. Hopefully if you guys talk it out and get back together, he won't do it again :)

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