This my sound dumb but what are the steps of dating?

I never really dated or been on a date what are the steps to dating?

any tips would be nice...


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  • 1: Get number
    2: Text
    3: Through texting find out interests
    4: Ask out on a date
    5: Go out on date, learn about eachother
    6: Try to get a kiss at end of date
    7: Carries on from there


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  • -be around guys your age by joining a club or something like that volunteering
    -talk to guys on a daily basic
    -pick a guy u like
    -ask him out
    -tada a date
    hahah i am so lazy i can't get pass step one!


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  • As an 18 year old who has never dated I've been wondering the exact steps for years.

    I mean, I've HUNG OUT with my crush three times... that doesn't mean we're dating or girlfriend/boyfriend so how am I supposed to change that.

  • First step will always be:... be yourself


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