Guys, What does your dream girl look like?

Please explain what you are looking for IN and OUT of a girl? What's her personality, what does she look like? Or if you already found her, what does she look like? How can she make your day even more special? What would you like to hear in a text from her?


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  • Good question (s).

    Q1. Please explain what you are looking for IN and OUT of a girl?
    Starting from the inside out, I want to be intimately, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually close with her. I want her to be able to read my mind and me read hers. I want her to be able to understand me and be able to decrypt my mind.

    Looks don't last forever, but I would love it if she had these qualities:
    Jessica Biel's Natural beauty: I want her to be beautiful even without make up.
    Taylor Swift's height: 5'8" to 6'2 tall - I like tall girls
    Julia Roberts lips and smile:
    Hilary Swank's body and physical:
    Kate Beckinsale's allure:
    Happy and smiling:
    Lolo Jones' abs -
    This girl's butt:
    This woman's tits:

    Q2. What's her personality, what does she look like?

    I am really turned on by smart girls so she must be really smart. She is loyal, and all the qualities in a Proverbs 31 woman. People like her and everyone, including my friends call her great, and my children will call her wise, and she will be the love of my life. God has to be first in her life and we pray together and are super intimate. And we fuck all the time. I want her to be my true love and my best friend.

    You know when you talk to certain people and they can draw out certain parts of you? Well, with her she will be that one who brings out the best and all of me.

    Q3. Or if you already found her, what does she look like?
    Answered in Q1

    Q4. How can she make your day even more special?
    Starting each day with some love making

    Q5. What would you like to hear in a text from her?
    I hope she sexts me and says 'Come home and fuck me'

    • now that's what I call commitment

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    • Thanks for the MHO.

      When you asked 'what would I like to hear for her in a text' and I think I'd like to hear from her and see that she wrote 'Hey, I love you. Call me.' I just want to be able to talk to her from the beginning to the end. Communication is vital for me.

      More importantly, though, is that we both are helping each other pursue our divine callings and that we both have to be going towards the same direction and in the same goals.

      Truth be told, I want God to give me someone who is right for me and me be right for her. These qualities are what what I think that I want in a woman, but have you ever wanted something so bad and after you got it then you were like 'That's it?' or it turned out to be something that you didn't expect?

      I think what I am trying to say is that I am surrendering and allowing God to decide for me who is right. And if it doesn't happen then at least I still have God.

    • Awe! I love your words!! I really do!! And you're so waiving for the MHO, and I do get what you're saying, I want Good to decide who is right for me as well, I just never know exactly what he is telling me, but going back on point here, yes I do get ya! 😉

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  • I'm glad I made a copy/paste for a lot of the frequent questions here.

    To be highly specific:

    -slightly younger than me, by 1-3 years probably.
    -slightly shorter than me, 5'1'' to 5'4'' ish.
    -B cup breasts, larger A smaller C. Something in that range.
    -Blonde or brown hair, long.
    -green or blue eyes.
    -petite, smaller frame.
    -sporty, in shape.
    -doesn't like pop or rap
    -likes bands like Cake, RATM, Disturbed, E Street Band, The Rat Pack, Nightwish
    -likes the movie "The Last Castle"
    -plays an instrument (I play trumpet, it'd be nice if she could read music as well)
    -Must be a dog person
    -Not a Fox News viewer

    Also, cute>hot

    Though honestly, to put it as simply as it can get, I'm looking for is a girl who is my best friend before anything else. And yeah, I have a list of preferences and likes/dislikes, but for her to become my best friend most of those are going to be met.

    "All we want is somebody we can fight with like crazy and then have the kind of make-up sex that makes your left side go numb. Somebody who'll go to court for you and lie. Somebody who makes you horny even after they have puked in your car. Love. Somebody who you can be with for 65 or 70 years of your life so that at the end of the life, you're sitting on that porch of the house you bought together. And you're old, wrinkly, smelly, and poop through a hole in your side. And she's old, wrinkly, smelly, and can't remember your name. She just keeps calling you "the nice man". But you're still in love, and you're holding hands. And as you gaze into each other's milky cataract-filled eyes, your hearts well up, explode, and you both die."
    - Christopher Titus.

    Also, because I know sometimes when people ask this they want it to be really highly detailed, I'll post my "qt infograph" that I made for another site.

    • Yeah I posted this then I saw a lot of other people have posted stuff like this so I kinda regretted it! It's funny of how I never see these kind of questions unless I post one, then I see a hole crap load of them! But thanks!

  • Mixed,
    Light skin dad and white mom
    Those are the sexiest skin completions

    Long curly brown or black hair.
    Thick or your glass shape.



    If it's hard to picture just picture Mariah Carrey,

  • I do have a dream girl in my head, but it's hard to explain.

  • Starting from the inside which is most important, I prefer a shy but sincere girl who is intelligent and studious, though not necessarily very vocal or outspoken. Often the smartest people are the quietest ones. Traditional values such as total fidelity, virginity until marriage, religion, and to an extent submissiveness are also a plus. In return I would try to be as fair and loving as possible, treating her like a queen and spoiling her. Physically I'd like for her to be blonde and petite, with pretty legs and small pedicured feet (I have a fetish). I don't care at all for breasts so I'm not picky about that. A willingness to learn belly dancing to appease me is literally the greatest gift possible that a wife could give to me. If she did that for me, there's nothing I wouldn't do in return for her. A huge libido is also nice.

    • Omg that's awesome!! I do \have lots of that stuff! But not all!!! Your dream girl should amazing!!!

  • Personality: confident, ambitious, fun, flirty, social, compassionate
    Looks like melanie iglesias:

  • @MissNowhere
    Please see ^^

  • Sloan from Entourage.


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