Not enough time… What to do?

This guy, told me recently that he likes me and I like him too, but somehow we always try to plan something and because we haven't really told anyone that we are dating, our parents never take it seriously and plan something else... How do you deal with this? How can you eventually meet up?


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  • You are 18... I don't see how you can not be allowed to meet up with a guy if you wanted to. Provided it is somewhere safe and in public for the first time. Your parents should allow you to have a social life otherwise they are denying you of something basic which is finding a guy and being in a relationship. Maybe point this out to them.

    • Thank you for your answer! I will try and tell them this. :-)

    • Yeah please do! You deserve to be able to find someone too and be happy :P Best of luck to you :)

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