Why would my boss call me a player?

Most mornings I come to the office and greet everyone and sit and talk to a group of girls that I consider friends at work.

My boss walks past and said in front of the girls i was chatting to. "look his such a player"
I just laughed it off. and my boss said you know how old girl number 1 is i said yes she is 30. as a joke i said i have been out with 30 year olds before. girl number 1 and 2 laughed. then i jokingly said to my boss girl number is lucky she is getting married girl number 2 just laughed. I am 23 years old. and girl number 1 is 30 and girl number 2 is 27.

Now I am not a player. i stick to one girl when i am in a relationship. I enjoy talking to them. but if i wanted to get any where with the girl that is not getting married, i think my boss just made sure that doesn't happen.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.


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  • that's how men who are always surrounded by girls called

    • isn't a player a bad term to be called because of the stigma behind it. but i think the term regarding that is called a ladies man "men who woman like being around"

    • yes its a bad term... so is a ladies man

    • well when i stop talking to them. just greet them and go and do my work. they then wounder if something is wrong because i am not talking to them.

      I seriously am not a player. I don't pull girls left right and centre.

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