Ladies!! Help a brother out?

Its been awhile since I've been in a relationship and I have been enjoying the single life it has been pretty fun so far.. now this isn't a im trying to jump into something serious real quick.. no... but i would really like to start dating a nice woman... and over the years i have tried to set up dates only to be rejected, stood up, and of course lied to.. I get it there are way more fishes in the sea.. i get it.. maybe that girl wasn't right for me.. i understand. But after years and too many rejections to count now.. im starting to think there might be something else here that im not seeing and im hoping maybe a few of you or a lot of you can help me? This is me..

Im 25, live with a roomate in a nice apartment, own my car, pay all my bills, in the works to owning a bar and grill, got promoted 3 times at my work, do have an education, always learning everyday, i want as much knowledge about the world as i can possibly have, i love my family, i cherish every moment im with them... i protect all of my loved ones friends and family.. i make sure they are ok before myself. Im starting to work out 5 times a week again. Its not hard for me to make friends guys or girls. The life of the party sometimes.. Natural leader in the workplace (ive been told by superiors)
What am I missing? I keep getting told that im handsome and charming.. im starting to think itd BS..
Everytime i ask a nice girl to just coffee i get the "im not ready for a relationship" but then they get in one 3 months later.. and then after a year theyre single again.
Ladies!! I need help understanding.. what am i doing wrong? I dont ask the girl off the bat out i talk to them for a couple days then suggest a lunch date. And nothing..
HELP!! Im here to listen to everything.. please let me know what you think the deal is?
And let me just add... No im not a dick towards the girls and no im not overly sensitive.. if i get rejected at the bar or whatever, i say "ok pleasure to meet you bye" and thats it... i dont bad mouth them behind their backs because thats just dumb. Its not hard for me to move on now since it has happened so many times.. And yes i am confident when I speak to them and no not cocky. I hate cockyness. Its looking like im more of a catch to 40yr olds than my own age.


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  • Women can smell desperation. The moment you change your mindset to really believing all of the cool stuff about yourself, and STOP WORRYING, you will just start attracting some female attention. Women love confidence, charm, thoughtful actions, empathy, intelligence, success, and wit. I'm sure you're bursting with those things, and you won't let yourself show it, because you're too busy worrying.


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