Guys, So for my GUYS ONLY I wanna know, how would u feel if a girl u liked did this?

LONG story short! There's a guy & he's admitted to me more than once how much he likes me & how he can be more than himself around me & how understanding I am, etc! He even talks about me to his closest family members! So we used to text & talk every single day & we were SO close! Recently, he's become distant! We might exchange 5 texts in the morning & he'll end up reading my text & goes MIA & we won't talk until the next morning OR I may text him & he just reads my txts & will go a whole day or 2 without contacting me & then out of nowhere, he'll text "heyy". So this time we texted Saturday night a LITTLE BIT (like 5 texts maybe) & he just read my text & never replied & then TWO days later, he texted "heyy". SO I decided to just read his text & I haven't replied! I'm jus so fed up with how distant & different he has become... I mean I REALLY like him & I don't wanna end what we have bc we WERE SUPER close but now it's just different & I'm tired of getting left on "read" in text messages & him using excuses for why he hasn't texted me & I honestly feel like it's BS sometimes! The excuses he's used is "I've been busy; I was sick; my brother had my phone; I'm not around my phone 24/7"! I think those excuses are BS sometimes bc he used to be HELLA busy & we still talked all day everyday while he was in college, working, studying AND traveling to his clinicals! He's been really sick & still used to text me! So anyway, I haven't replied to his text & he texted me Tuesday & it's Wednesday so that's a day without him hearing from me! Thanksgiving IS tomorrow & I wanna text him happy Thanksgiving at least! But if a holiday wasn't coming up, I Probably wouldn't even text him.. So, Guys what would u do if u were this guy & U did what he's doing to me to a girl u like & then she finally just decides to not text u for a couple days. How would u feel? What would u do? Would it make u wanna contact her? Thanks for yalls comments in advance !


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