Guys, Would this make you want to contact her?

So if you (guys) started acting different with a girl u like & u used to text her every single day & talk to her all day & suddenly u start going like a day or two without contacting her at all & she might text u & u just read the text & then text "heyy" two days later, & she finally gets your two day later text & she just READS it & doesn't reply & she doesn't text u for two whole days! How would u feel? Would u think about why she's not texting u? would this make u wanna contact her? Would u realize your mistakes?


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  • Men don't hold onto things like women do. I personally don't keep score, and I don't think relationships and communication should be a battle, so let a little go and give us some grace. But. if I don't text my current interest, it's because there are things that are pushing her out of my mind, and it's usually a good indicator that I shouldn't be trying to date her.

    • You are so right! & Im not trying to hold on to anything.. I'm actually TRYING to let him go bc ur right, if he's not texting me, something else must be on his mind or something! He always uses the Excuses like "I've been busy, I was sick, my brother had my phone" & I'm just sick of it! He used to text me every single day, all day! & we were super close! He even wanted to meet my family! But now he can go two days without texting me? That's just not right! So I chose not to text him! How do I talk to him about it without him getting offended?

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  • i would think you weren't interested and move on


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