I accidentally said I love you?

there's this girl in my class we are good friends.. but i have the biggest crush on her and she somewhat knows... now i guess... but anyways we were watching z nation in our Digital Literacy class period and on our way out she hugged me and said by

i said bye "i love you" .. she said it back but it was a friend zonded thing i couldn't believed i said it...

it just sliped out.


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  • I think everyone has done this at least once in their life. It will be fine!

    • should i say it again tomorrow?

    • No lol. Unless you want to stay in the friendzone. I think it will just end up looking like a joke, which is good since you said that you liked her. Saying it again would be more brotherly=friendzoned

    • so i should wait for her to say it next?

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  • you're not actually asking a question


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