She was flirting? Perhaps interested?

i go downStairs for a smoke break during work with a couple colleagues.
I see this most beautiful thang come down with her friend.
My colleague's and my attention immediately shift from the conversation to her.

She stares at me, and me being me - looks away shamelessly lol.

They have their smoke but are blocked by a few other workers so they change their spot to right bang infront of the stairs and kind of near the ciggy bin (perhaps to get a better look at me) haha.
im done smoking we walk over to the ciggy bin to b*tt out, i look at her, we catch each other's eyes, so i give her a half smile but i look away again (because i am really shy!!) Then i look back at her and i see her half smiling at me.

Was she flirting? Was she keen perhaps?
Damn I'm such a noob :(((


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