Daters! Whts your definition of a "runner" pertaing to relationship terms?

I am not talking about an athlete runner. But used in relationship terms. This guy told me I was a runner. After he was arrogant, and insulting to me, I wanted nothing more. To do with him... What is your defenition of someone who is a runner.


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  • He's just controlling that you slipped away after he tried to jerk you around by insulting you.


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  • I've never heard this term, but if I was a gambling man, I'd say it refers to women who chase after men

    It may have been a shot at your age

    • My age? ?
      No that would be a chaser..

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    • Your not answering my question. What about my age?

    • Oh, thought could be that at 30-35, you could be starting to become pressured to find a man, which is why you would be running after them.

      I wouldn't say this, but you called the man arrogant and etc so I assumed he might

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