Guy does not want me to be the rebound?

I recently met a really great guy..We hit it off immediately on the first date, and felt a connection right away. We were very comfortable with each other and chatted about kids (we both have two teens each - the same age) and past relationships (an ex is an ex for a reason).

We were really just getting to know one another and dated for about two weeks and then he would not return my phone calls or emails (partly because he was studying for exams) I finally sent him and email letting him know that I really liked him and just wanted to know where we stood. His reply back was that he really liked me, and did not want me to be the rebound for him, and that concerned him - as he has just gotten out of a relationship one month earlier (she broke up with him after she had gone through a divorce), he told me he thought he was over her when we met, but clearly was not and still cared for her and needed closure and more time.

I really like this guy and just need some advice on what to do.


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  • Hi,

    Well if you like him and he likes you but he needs time as he still cares about his ex then you should give him time and space but let him know your there for him. If you like him that much then you would wait till he's ready to start anything with you.

    Hope this helped, Good luck

    By L

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