How can I get over my fear of talking to girls?

And if I do talk to girls, I always run out of stuff to say so it just becomes awkward. How can I overcome this? Please help I'm tired of not being able to talk to girls I like.


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  • just acknowledge that girls might not act like it but they are as scared and nervous as you


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  • "Please help I'm tired of not being able to talk to girls I like."
    - First step to talking to women is to be able to relate them. So rather than talking to girls that you find attractive, talk to all of them in general regardless of attraction with the intent of having good conversation.

    Make female friends, that's the first step... after you get comfortable with women in general, you'll be able to relate to them and they won't be so scary.


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  • Breath. try to listen to them. Avoid logical answers/questions like ''where're you from?'' ''how's your day going.''
    From my observations, guys will fall into logical mode when they're running out of things to say. Opposite of it, which is attraction skills, need time & efforts to develop.


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