What should I get my emo boyfriend for Christmas?

Okay, Christmas is coming up and I have NO IDEA what to get my boyfriend for Christmas! He already has something for me and he won't tell me, but I feel like such a bad girlfriend because I don't know what to get him!

About him:

Favorite band (s)- Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown are tied
Favorite color- Blue
Favorite food- Brownies
Age- 16
Likes- Art, me and being an idiot XD
Extracurricular- ROTC, plays video games, draws, listens to music
HATES- When people are rude, yelling

I can't afford very much, so maybe something under $15. Thanks!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Band tees are around 20 dollars. I say just get him that


What Girls Said 1

  • But him a comfy, snugly hoodie that you can put some perfume on. You can never go wrong with something that feels and smells like a hug from you!


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