If he says, "I like to bang stick figures?

This guy confuses me.

One minute I think he likes me and the other minute I dont even know.

Yesterday he called me to ask if I wanted to have lunch with him and I said yes in a heartbeat. I really liked this guy. So we had lunch and we talked for a while; then we ended up slipping the check. Anyways, when we were talking he immediately checks out this girl and says, "damn look at you," and I look over to see that this girl is really thin with no visible breasts and butt. I'm a girl whos a little thicker (large breasts, hips, butt, etc.) so I was really confused. So I asked him, "You like that? A girl with "nothing?" and he's like, "Yeah, I like to F**** stick figures" and he drew a straight line with his hands. I felt a little hurt because I was clearly the complete opposite of that and he knew that.

I dont get this guy. I felt really hurt and insecure.

Everytime we hang out I feel dissappointed. The funny thing is, when I'm talking or hanging out with other men or speak about other men who like me, I can tell it bothers him. :S

Last time when I offered to walk him to his car he smiled and said, "Don't expect a goodbye kiss or anything." It's really mean what he does.

I dont get why he's like that with me. I'm really nice to him; I've brought him homemade lunch, helped him with homework, bought him birthday presents, and always made sure he was okay.

Guys like him make me not even feel like going on dates anymore.


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  • Don't listen to the female below. He seems very ungrateful and little bit like a jerk. Stop being so nice to him for a while and then see what his reaction will be.

    • Thanks. Everyone is jumping on me and thinking I'm playing a pity party or I'm insulting body types. I'm just clearly hurt because this dude has been giving me mixed messages; saying, "I love you," writing me a note that says, "Call me someday..." then when I actually do, he's a total ass to me. :(

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  • You do sound insecure in general. People like different things.. We don't fit everyone's preferences and it's jacked up for you to insult another woman's body type just to prop yourself up.

    • To say "I only F**** stick figures," isn't insulting? He called her a stick figure. But then again if the roles were reversed, and you were a buff man and she was checking out a leaner dude, wouldn't that confuse you?

    • OH yeah he's totally an asshole but you said she had nothing because she doesn't fit your beauty standards either.

    • Yeah I guess I'm an ass for saying she has nothing. shoot me.

  • Sounds like he just sees you as a friend and you're misinterpreting playfulness with flirting.


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  • He's an asshole. Don't bother with him. He's leading you on and stringing you along for the benefits you give him that's it.

  • You're like the female equivalent of a self-proclaimed nice guy.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Go back to seeing him as just a friend because you apparently have misread any "hints". It's probably obvious to him that you dig him, so if he felt the same way then there really isn't any reason for him to hide it and play games.

    • That's true... :( It's just he wrote me a note once and called me cute, and on the note it said, "Call me someday..." with his initials on it. That's why I'm so confused. And the moment I did spend time with him, he was just being an ass.

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