My boyfriend keeps telling me that his friend and I are "meant for each other"?

So I have been with my boyfriend since we were 16 and 17, we are now 21 and 22. His best friend and I have all the same interests, I will admit. Where as my boyfriend and I barely have anything in common. I have never been interested in his friend. I just find it irrititating when my boyfriend and I will be listening to music and I will start jamming out to something and say its one of my favorites and he will be like "Yeah, its Travis's favorite too." Or if we are having a conversation when Travis is over, me and Travis always agree with each other because we have the same beliefs. So my boyfriend is always making comments (to me, not his friend) that me and his friend are meant for each other and its starting to make me feel like he is almost trying to push it on me? I am just having a hard time figuring out whether or not he is being serious or not because he will laugh when he says it but I can tell that it genuinely bothers him! I wouldn't dream of leaving my boyfriend for his friend. I am truly not interested and I love my boyfriend dearly. But these remarks are fucking with my head? Why does he keep saying this shit?


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  • So it sounds to me like he is either joking around with you because of the obvious similarities OR he is a little insecure that it seems you and his friend have so much in common and he may even resent it a little and the joking around is his way of dealing with it.


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  • I think its his way of letting you know that he is jealous of how much you and Travis have in common. I think he is passive-agressively asking you for reassurance. Most people wouldn't put up with that kind of behavior, but if you are willing to put up with him, and want to satisfy him, then next time he brings it up, tell him you feel nothing for Travis and offer your boyfriend comfort.

  • sounds like your boyfriend is on to you being interested in his friend.

    • I have clearly stated that I am not interested in his friend.

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    • Yes I've made it clear. But my boyfriend has also made a point to tell me that he thinks Travis wants me.

    • has he clear this up w/ travis? doesn't sound like it based on "he thinks travis wants me".

      nonetheless, he needs to air it out w/ travis and hear it from horses mouth. with you there or not, is between you two.

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