Girls I need advice emergency?

I got the personality of the 40 year old virgin actor. I love, respect women and maybe that's why women do me bad. I will never hit a girl/treat her bad but sometimes i think i'm doing it wrong and should change. I dated a girl in hs. It wasn't serious & no sex since she claimed she was a virgin at 18. She left to college far way and i never saw her again but we still talked via social media here and there. A year later she just moved back. She said her school was boring. Well we just started talking again. She mentioned she was just in an abusive relationship. I then asked what was going to happen with us? since she was the one who asked me out for lunch out the blues a year later. She said "we're cool and you can date anyone you want i don't mind". I brought up the fact that i too was in a relationship and that i had slept with a girl. I could tell she got pissed because she said "Only one girl? that's it? couldn't pull more". She kept talking smack. After this day she didn't want to hangout again.

Do you think i was too "nice" for this girl or no? & did she just friendzone me?


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  • Don't ever think of becoming a "badder" guy, just because some girl (s) don't appreciate you being a good guy. Don't start doing bad things, and cause damage. A very special woman who appreciates you will find you, and love the fact that you have always remained nice and good.


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