He is probably cheating on me, should I break up?

I want to break up with my boyfriend because i think he is cheating on me. He did once in the past and i forgave him because he promised he will never do it again, and because i love him. It was 2 years ago and i already forgat about it, i believed he changed.
By accident i found his messages to other girl on Skype, it was quite flirty. He said that she is only friend and he just talks to her about normal things, no flirting no meetings - i also have male friends so i can accept it , but i don't think she is only a normal friend because why then was he hiding her from me? and her message was very flirty , and i just feel that recently he became a bit cold and distant , he deny everything but still i don't trust him. Also i asked him to not talk to this girl at all and he said that she is only a friend and he will talk to her..
Do you think i should break up with him? it's also not easy because i really love him, but i am hurt.


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  • Tbh I would never forgive someone for cheating. I think if you suspect he's cheating than he probaly is and you should totally break up with him


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  • It appears here, dear, this zebra has Not changed his sneaky stripes and in Essence again, after so long, as though who knows what other underhanded thing he has been doing behind your Back... I found his messages to other girl on Skype.
    When I was with my own husband who is out in Egypt, Skype was out Best friend and it was Just Him and me, no Other, sister or even brother. You both have 'Others' who you say are friends but it seems one of you can't be trusted and Now, it has led up to this problem point, where a friend is Not just a friend till the end.
    Sit him down and have a long serious convo with him. He is denying the inevitable in which you yourself have found the sweet proof pudding, and tell him that maybe it is Best to either take a Break from one another, so he can decide what it is he Wants and Whom, or just put up with it, accept him for what he is and this is a Cheater who has gotten No.. Neater.
    You say you 'Really love him, but I am hurt,' but it's Obvious he doesn't care One Iota about your own feelings, his Disrespect and Disloyalty is telling me So through my own computer curtain.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If you don't trust him, then it's probably best to break up with him. No relationship is ever going to work out without trust.


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