Girls, Why do guys I'm attracted to turn out to be douches?

I'm really attracted to guys who are tall, built, confident, dominant, and fearless. I met one and he had no problem approaching me and complimenting me and we flirted a lot. We went out a few times and them I met him at a party. My shirt was tied to reveal my midsection, and he put his arm around my waist and tickled my stomach. He brought a drink for me and we hung out. He hugged me and went for a kiss, and started rubbing my arms and we went into a room. He pulled my shirt off and started kissing my back and stomach and one thing led to another. I'm not sure if he'll be a douche too.


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  • Stupid fucking question...

    You guys just had fun and that doesn't make him a douche. It just makes you a dumb slut.


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