Online dating and not current picture, why?

So I went out with a guy I "met" online this weekend. I met him for drinks. The "date" was a disaster for a variety of reasons. But what annoyed me most about this guy was his super inaccurate pics.

The guy had gained like 25-30 pounds from what was listed in his profile. Here is the deal - I don't mind chubby guys. And I often pick them. But this guy went from "buff guy" to "more than a little chubby." So his pics were pretty misleading.

Now I understand, eveyone wants to put their most flattering photos. And I like everyone, might put a more flattering photo with a great angle. But it isn't misleading, you know what you are getting when I show up. I may have had a little more makeup on in the photo.

But this guy straight up looked like a differnt person. What's the deal? Why be so misleading?


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  • You're right.

    I think people are misleading because they figure if they show their true self they won't get any responses.
    Don't they understand that the person they meet will see the difference and will be angered by the fact?

    I remember this guy telling me that this woman was beautiful in her photos. When he met her in person her face wasn't pleasant and she was a bit overweight.

    Don't these people see , the deception comes back like a boomerang?

    Honestly Is attractive.
    Not misleading others.


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  • I know what you're saying. The same thing happen to me I met her and she looked nothing like her pictures they were obviously taking years ago. What a disappointment that was


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