What happened that all of a sudden im more ballsy with girls?

all of a sudden i'm collecting numbers left and right, getting dates and getting rejected and i no longer care if it works out or not i really dont. if it works out geat, if it doesn't then i'll find another girl.

now i've always been a good talker with girls. i'm very good looking too and i'm in shape so its never been an issue for me to get girls. but now i'm just ballsier, and every girl i see i'll take the chance.. I've never been like that.

now all of a sudden i just start chatting up girls anywhere. at the gym, girls taking my order at a restaurant, etc etc. when i used to just wait till i went out to a club/bar to get girls. or i used to stick to getting girls at school or work, or what i like to call a "low risk enviornment"

i hope it stays like this cause this is great!


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  • You have reached that stage in your life where you refuse to give 2 fucks about how you come off to the world. Congratulations.

  • i wish i was that way when i was your age


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