Should I Stay With Him?

Ok so me and this guy have been talking for a while. We are just alike but different. But all of a sudden he doesn't communicate with me anymore it's like he's ignoring me. He has a job and plays basketball and I understand if he's busy. Im starting to think he picks and chooses when he wants to talk to me. This might be cuz of his family issues but still Im here for you, thats why im here like talk to me. He likes me but it doesn't seem like it anymore 😕 like i would text or call him and he won't return anything but can be on snapchat watching my stories, I don't know if its me but i find that rude. I dont wanna cut him off but im thinking about it even tho it's gonna hurt me 😪 What should i do?


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  • Maybe he's just distracted with something


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