No reply before date, should I just meet her at arranged time?

First date went great and she has been initiating contact with me since. I've been trying to text back minimally and arranged a second date. However, it's been nearly a day since my last text to her and she has not replied, we're going out much later tonight.

Should I not make contact again and just meet for the arranged time and place?

Here are parts of our conversation:

Girl - What are you doing tonight?
Me - Lying here, thinking what my next evil plan will be.. Have you finished that plate of Greek food yet?
Girl - No, I'm still with the plate, can you help me with the tomatoes? Pleasee
Me - I didn't think that you and the plate were so close.. How long have you both been together?
Girl - Well I'd like to be closer with you not with the plate.
Me - Well how about we solve that by me taking you out to a place that isn't closed when you're next free?
Girl - It'd be great!
Girl - What would you like to do next time?
Me - We'll go and see a movie, you can pick, then see where the night takes us after..
Girl - Oh yes!! I was thinking to go to the cinema this week!
Me - Great minds think alike. How's Thursday?
Girl - Yes! That's great

The most recent one she hasn't responded to:

Girl (replying to my joke) - Hahahaah
Girl - I don't know who are you talking about...😋
Me - I'll see you at 8 tomorrow night, same place, just make sure to bring those paper napkins because I will be throwing popcorn at you
Girl - Why do you have to throw popcorn at me? ?
Me - Why don't you throw it back and we'll entertain people with our popcorn fight

This is where I got no reply, should I just go ahead and meet her at arranged time and not contact her until she does?


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  • well I personally wouldn't unless I got a reply, they're not responding so whose to say they aren't busy and going to last through the night...

  • Yes just meet her at an arranage time!


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