Is it just sex, or could I have an actual relationship with him?

So, I met this guy a while ago and we've been talking a lot, texting, sharing pics, ya know? He's super nice to me, compliments me all the time. The thing is after sex he's just sort of like "okay, well, good job. bye". I'd like to get to know him better beyond sex, but I'm not sure if I should try? He's pretty enthusiastic during sex/ sexting, and then afterwards kind of.. uninterested? I'm cool with just sex, or a relationship to be honest, I just wanna know if I should try to get to know him or just back off a bit and enjoy what were doing now. He's about 3 years older than I am, so I guess that's something else that's making me a bit insecure.


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  • This is where communication comes in handy :'(


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