Why is he doing this?

May maybe I'm over analyzing the situation but I want to know your opinion.

i have always noticed my sociology professor looks at me, smiles, and at times he looks at me when I'm not looking, and when I see him doing it he looks down embarrassed. When I need help, he exceeds his help with me.. I've noticed he is not like that with the rest of students. Anyway, i have always ignore this signs because he is married.

Yesterday i I went to see him during office hours to ask him questions about a project that will be due next week. So I noticed he was very nervous, he was stuttering, smiling and looking down. But what really caught my attention was that he kept twisting his wedding ring. Am I over analyzing the situation? Why is he twisting his marriage band?

dont get me wrong, I'd be flattered at the fact that I'm attractive to him but I wouldn't act on it, I'm not a marriage wrecker or something like that. I'm asking off curiosity.

  • Yes he is attracted to you, he might have thought about been unfaithful by twisting his ring.
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  • No, he is just been nice.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah I think he is attracted to you and maybe you turn him on and make him nervous.

    • Thank you for your answer. I appreciate having the point of view of a guy.

    • Your very welcome. Thank you very much for the upvote.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you're over-analyzing his behaviour, and assuming it's all in response to you, but he is simply being attentive to his students, overseeing them, and observing them, and most likely affected by other things , that make him stress or nervous, but the cause is most likely not you directly. Don't misinterpret his behaviour as something that makes you believe your are anything more than a student to him, like all the others.

    • I respect your opinion, thanks.

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  • U probably shouldn't buy too much into the pop pshycolgy Mumbo jumbo but kudos on not being a homwrecker

    • I respect your opinion, thanks.

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