Good tinder lines?

Hey, just got tinder and was wondering if your guys have any non cheesy non generic ice breakers? And girls what has worked on you in the past?



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  • Say or ask something specific to their bio or pictures. Include their name, makes it more personal.

    Here's some stuff that worked -

    "Your last picture, were you poison ivy?"
    "Hi! Know any good dog friendly hiking places near the bay?"
    "What are some of your favorite books?"
    "I love books and singing! And dogs, obviously :P"
    "First off, awesome costume in that last pic. Second, if you could get on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"
    "Hey -my name-, how's your day coming? I must say that you have one breath takingly beautiful smile."
    "Pretty and smart, how rare."
    "Hey, what are you even doing on here? Just saying, you're too pretty for this."
    "Hi -my name-, glad to hear you're sci-curious! I'm in -my state- precisely for that. And there are 4 permanent rollercoasters about 500m from my apartment. Jealous?"
    "Don't eat the books, other people want to read them too."
    "Hey :D omg we have eerily similar profiles :p except that I'm an engineer and about a foot taller :D"

    I also responded to "Hey how's it going" and some generic compliments if I was really interested in the guy.

    There's some of them. Hope it helps!


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  • Greetings Traveler. If you get the reference, you are amazing :D


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