Guys, dating an older woman?

As a woman in my early 40's and separated, I've hit dating sites and met a couple of guys online who are about 10 years younger. I haven't yet met one in person but am about to. I've had great conversations with them and they keep messaging me (a lot lol). The couple that I keep responding to seem genuine - I have discussed lots of different things with them. I am quite fit (a few extra kg than I would like but I exercise regularly) and have always been told I am attractive... but what are they going to think of my mum body (eg boobs that sag) and wrinkles which I didn't have 10 years ago? These things aren't visible in photos...


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. I love women in their 40's and everything that comes along with them.

    • Thanks so much for your opinion 😁

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  • Some men prefer dating an older woman for various reasons.

    • Yeah so I've heard from a few young guys now...

  • Why as a 26 year old would I want to date a woman past her prime when I can pull a 21 year old?

    • No need to get nasty!
      Yeah some do and I'm pretty f*cking hot! ... doesn't mean you have to...

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    • Little did you know a woman is in her sexual prime in her 40s. My opinion is you are missing out, big time. But it's fine, you seem like a douchebag so stick to your guns.

    • @Metlahaed Sorry! At least I can spell.

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