Is it wrong that a girl I'm interested in is sending other guys photos of her self? Not nude.. As far as I know?

My ex and I just started talking again after a year apart. We both dated other people. But eventually our paths crossed again. We both have our issues we are dealing with and such. My question though, am I in the wrong if I get upset about her sending photo's of her self to other guys? Not nudes or anything like that.. As far as I know. But selfies or whatever.. Also.. I'm a very sexual person. And big with showing affection when it's appropriate. I'm extremely attracted to her. A few months ago she told me she doesn't want to have sex for a little while. Personal choice. However, I do. We've hooked up a few times after she has told me that. But nothing major. I don't know if I should push the envelope? Since I'm trying to respect her wishes. The sexual frustration I have is real haha. Words of wisdom on my two issues please.


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  • As long as you're not in a relationship I think she has the right to send pictures to whomever she pleases. She also has a right to not want to have sex with you.


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  • Well you said she is your ex? so that means you are not together anymore right? or have you just got back together?

    If you both are not together then it shouldn't really matter to you as to what she does in her life but otherwise yes I can understand what she is doing can bother you.

    • She is my ex. But our paths have crossed again and I guess you can say we're talking. I'm going to have to have a talk soo to see exactly what we are and what she's expecting out of this. We have a fairly deep history

    • Okay, I understand. Her actions aren't right, I can understand why it bothers you.

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  • Well... I can understand the sexual frustration. But are you both dating exclusively now? If not, then it is certainly wrong for you to be upset about her sending her pics to other dudes. But if you are exclusive, then what she's doing is certainly not acceptable, and you're better off calling it quits with her.

    • Sry for the thumbs down. Didn't mean to hit that. We aren't officially exclusive.. I guess you can say we're talking? I'm going to need to have a talk to see what we are / what she's expecting. Problem is it's the holidays and both our birthdays the next 2 months

    • Yeah, you need to have a talk with her. It's not really right for you to expect her to not send pics to other guys, when you aren't exclusive.

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