Should I try and take her from him?

Ok so me and this girl has known each other since I was 14 im 21 now... For the most part we've always been cool with each other and sometimes during high school we would text flirt a tad back and forth but nothing really started from there so fast forward 2 years out of high school we reconnect and like really hit it off we never chilled one on one just us and she even noted how she never realized how much we have in common told me she likes how I view certain things she like laughed at almost any joke I said even the corny ones and she actually flirted a little with me but i was never to make a move because im not sure if we are just friends or she likes me she told me she talks to someone but she doesn't really like him she likes that he cares about her but doesn't reall feel a connection by her saying that I kinda backed off just a tad but we text back in forth and I come home from school tomorrow for Thanksgiving and Christmas and want to see if we can go somewhere but I don't even know if I should try to go there by her being honest telling me she talks to someone but tells me she doesn't really connect with him and tells me how much we connect and have things in common did she give me the green light to try and take her from him or not what's ur opinion
So can I get some feed back


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  • The only way to know this is to ask her if she is available to go out when you come in for the holidays


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