The guy I have feelings for completely ignored my birthday and I feel quite upset because of it, what should I do?

I've been occasionally sleeping with a guy for a fair few months now. We met through mutual friends and had instant chemistry.
I like him however as obvious as it seems I don't think he even realises. We used to talk on fb all the time but we don't anymore but we are still friends!
Anyway given my feelings I was kind of hurt/sad the other day when it was my birthday and he didn't bother to send me a message to say happy birthday. He knew it was my birthday as he liked a photo posted on my fb wall specifically for my birthday.
I just feel as though it showed me that although he was fully aware of it being my birthday he cares little about me to even bother sending his wishes.
He is a rather shy guy when it comes to girls but i just am a little bummed out by it. Am I overreacting, does he not care, should I stop sleeping with him and ignore him, help meeeee.


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  • You obviously want more from him than a "casual" sexual relationship, and you have to realize that he has no emotional obligation to you, simply because the two of you have a sexual relationship. You can either be assertive and tell him of your feelings, or adjust your expectations of him.

    • Good point, I think I need to put aside my ego and just tell him how I feel otherwise I'm always going to be stuck in this position

    • Yep. You have to speak-up, rather than stay silent and wonder forever.

  • I don't understand girls like you. You presented yourself to him by being nothing more than a fun toy and then you get hurt when they don't take you seriously? If you can't handle a just sex relationship then DONT have one. The fact that he didn't say happy birthday means he is not emotionally invested in you. Now you wanna sit there and ask "should I stop sleeping with him" I mean... did you sleep with him because you thought he would have feelings for you? You make no sense. Either you ignore him before you get even more hurt or treat him like he's just a f*ck buddy. Regardless, you're way too invested.


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