How do I deal with the pain of rejection?

I gave this guy my number who works at the local drug store by my house and told him we can hang out.

I go in there and I see him all the time if he works because I buy things, months ago befofe I got hired at the same store he works, I gave him my number and he never contacted me.

When we were alone in the office last week (this is after i got hired at his job) and he told me that he has stuff going on his life I would not understand and he does not want me to think he is an asshole

He thought I was mad at him and I told him I'm not mad at him.

I saw him today when I was on break at work and we still talk as usual.

We never had sex or did anything physical but it still hurts nonetheless because he never gave me his number or asked me to hang out
I'm not sure why it hurts I mean I should not be upset because we never had sex or went on a date


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  • It's worse if they use to like you but you tookbtoo long too make a move and they got over you. Anyways I've found that unfortunately only time can really help tou get over it. I know that's shitty advice but it's the only thing that's ever worked for me

    • I work with this guy though. How does time heal that?

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    • I gave him my number months ago way before I got hired. I did not even know I was going to get hired

    • Best thing to do in my opinion is avoid them. It's easier to get over them that way. Maybe look for someone else

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  • Rejection is very painful because it can lower your self- worth, but rejection just means the person either... failed to notice what you have to "offer", or they just weren't ready for what you have to offer.

    In this case it is the latter , because
    he stated, " he has stuff going on his life I would not understand and he does not want me to think he is an asshole ". A clear rejection is less painful than a fake promise.

    Everyone faces rejection in their life, but that doesn't mean your value goes down. I just look on a rejection as a re- direction to something better. Just try to be your usual self around him
    and gradually the hurt will fade. πŸ’›πŸ˜Š


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  • Rejection hurts, regardless your gender.

    Don't let others tell you that "you shouldn't take it personally".

    The rejection is about the individual; how can we not take it personally?

    I'm not saying to dwell on it but there's no need to friend a guy who's not interested in you.

    I wouldn't want to be reminded in their presence that "I'm not attractive."

  • I don't know. He might be afraid of commitment.

    • How can he be afraid of commitment when I never asked him on a date?

    • Maybe he considered you two to be dating when you said you wanted to hang out. Not all men think this way, though.

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