Why is my guy friend lying to me and his girlfriend?

My guy friend and my bestfriend are dating. Rumors are going around claiming to say he's cheating on her with another. Too many evidence is provided. When asked if my friend and him are still dating he says no. But when I ask he says yes. I talked to him in the afternoon the other day and told him to be honest with me, i asked, "Are the rumors true? I don't believe them. But I need to confirm my suspension." He said that they aren't true, but then our closes friends says that him and his other "girlfriend" were seen hugging and kissing. I'm also close with my guy friend and we made a promise to never lie to eachother. But... It seems like he's breaking it. What do I do? (My bestfriend asked me to help clear the rumors since im close with him.)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wouldn't even bother getting involved in their relationship. Let the two of them handle it and if they need you, they will come to you. I know you care about your friends but sometimes its better not to be involved in that kind of drama.
    It's going to get really messy really fast if one of them thinks their dating and the other thinks their not. And if he really is cheating, oh god, hell is going to fall over and you're going to be in the middle of it. Just take a step back and let them handle this themselves.

    • Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure I won't get involved unless they need a little support.

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  • Believe the actual evidence.
    You have to weed through he-said-she-said and find the actual cold, hard, facts.

    People lie. You have to see past that to know the truth.

    I'd have to know if he's cheating or not (but it sounds like he is)

    • Oh okay! Thank you, like the other answer stated it's best to stand back and not get involve unless they come to me. But when they do I'll make sure to do what you said!

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