Mixed emotions. I'm not sure if he likes me back, he says one thing but does another?

i met this guy i recently started working with. It was a weird attraction coz he had a girlfriend but we ended up kissing quite a few times, we had plenty intimate moments but then he just stopped saying he wants to faithful to his girlfriend. After that we continued bn friends but we contionously have "eye locking" moments, when i find him looking at me i feel special but then i wonder 'why is he looking at me when there are so many other people around that he can look at so why me/', when our eyes find its way to each other for that moment that we're staring it feels like "OMG this is so perfect' like nothing else matters at that moment... but i keep wondering whats going through his mind when he is staring into my eyes? If im feeling this moment special, how is he feeling? he remembers everything about me, he knows me like so well! When we're teased at work about bn a couple he doesn't even deny it he laughs and plays along with the story, when asked who is his girlfirnd he even said its me, he even doesn't mind when people call me his wife. he would rather have me make his tea for him or take care of his food stuff instead of any other female at work. We share so much now but at times he says things that makes it seem like he isn't interested in me and he also seems to be serious with his girlfriend that he is dating for 7 months. We such good friends now but he doesn't say anything about his girlfriend to me he discusses a lot of stuff with me but never anything about his girlfriend he doesn't even like talking about her in my presence. i even tried ignoring him but he notices and tries to give me extra attaention then so we start talking again. I am just so confused! I dont know whats his deal.


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  • Have some respect for yourself.
    Don't be the "other woman"
    It never works out.

    If he can do it to someone else, he can do it just as easily to you.
    There's a reason why he's still with her. You're just a play thing for him. If he loved you like you think, he would have dumped his girlfriend a long time ago.

  • You sound juvenile. You're pathetic since you know he has a girlfriend and you've done all this stuff with him. You're acting so desperate it's embarrassing. Who raised you? Do you really think he's going to leave his girlfriend for you dummy? Grow the f*ck up. Leave him alone... HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND...


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