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I'm in high school and I've had a couple of boyfriends (None in high school) throughout my life. I'm not trying to be vain at all, but I will have random strangers or friends (boys and girls) just randomly say "You look hot!", "You're so freaking pretty!" "You look sexy!" or some type of compliment, some even go as far as calling me a princess (I don't get it either). I get easily embarrassed when I get complimented, which leads to people saying how cute I am (Which is nothing new, because I'm 5ft and tiny). I'm not the one to know if I look good or not, but I have long dark brown hair, eyes that are almond shaped and change colors with my mood, breast (I hate to say that), a butt (Hate to say that to), hips.

People who I just met will tell me how funny I am (I get nervous with new people so I make jokes), I'm really nice, or that I seem like an intelligent young lady (usually older people). My friends describe me as happy all the time, really funny, and naive. I have a lot of guy and girl friends. Guys at my school will hang out with me more than other girls because they say "I'm not into drama", "You're chill", "You're the only girl that doesn't like me, romantically. Although, the girls never seem to get upset about this, they ask me if I can find out what guys think of them. I have had lesbian or bi girls hit on me. I had guy friends who will hit on me but I don't know if they are joking.

I like this guy, but I don't know if he thinks me. I sat in front of him in class and I was talking to him one day. I told him I thought he had a pretty eye color, he looked down at his book, blushed (I thought it was adorable), and said thanks. Every time I see him he does something that he gets embarrassed about ( Adorable) and I'll tease him (not in a mean way) and he will smile and laugh. He will look at me when he thinks I'm not looking. I want to find a way to talk to him more, but he is more of a shy, reserved type, the on
His personality: He is funny, smart, keeps to himself, but will speak to other people when they speak to him. Instead of talking in class he reads most of the time. He's not girl crazy or perverted. Respectful, when you get to know him a little vain, on snapchat, everyday he will compliment himself or say something that my friends say sounds stuck up. He's soft spoken but his voice still sounds firm. When I tease him he will stutter and blush (get embarrassed easily) Kind all time.
When he walks in class the guys always greet him, and he'll look and nod, but never say anything. He walks to his seat at the back of the class and starts on the work. He is trustworthy. I've never heard him talk bad about someone. He has a calm, peaceful air around him. He walks with a kind confidence (you would never guess he is shy) Too me he is amazing. The type of guy you're parents would definitely approve of.


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  • I think it would help more if you told us more about this guy's behavior than how you look and what your friend's say about you.
    But either way, it seems like he might like you but is too shy to make a move. If you want to talk to him more, then you could ask him for his number or ask him to hang out and then get his number. He might feel more comfortable talking to you once you both start texting since he won't need to see you in person.
    This will also give you a chance to flirt with him more and observe how he acts so you can figure out if he likes you back or not.

    • That helps, but I'm shy about asking for his number or to hang out. I'll edit the question to tell you more about him!

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    • I think he likes you. I do the same thing with my crush. I try to talk to her as much as possible and get as close as I can to her without making it awkward for her.
      So, I understand your shy about asking him to hang out but sometimes you just have to do it. Instead of thinking of him as a guy you like, imagine him as one of your guy friends or girl friends and ask him out the same way. He probably wants to know if you like him too so don't let you chance slip. Just go for it. After you get his number, you guys can start texting and things will get much more comfortable between the two of you.

    • Thank you! Knowing I might have a chance, makes me feel better about asking to hang out! Thanks!

  • Maybe you should ask him out indirectly, maybe we should get a coffee sometimes? Shy vs shy is very bad... someone has to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!


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