How to continue a conversation or start a different one?

How to continue a conversation or start a different one?

Me and this guy have been talking almost every day and asking each other questions. the other day, I asked him to describe himself in 3 words. He said 'mysterious, calm, hurt" and I asked him why mysterious and hurt. He said mysterious because he doesn't open up to people much unless they're friends or family. Hurt was because he had a crappy upbringing.

He threw the question back to me and it was really early in the morning when i replied and couldn't choose whether to get him to explain more or kind of let it slide, so... i told him that i was sorry he had a crappy upbringing and so did i and left it alone before giving him my 3 words to describe me. (Which were straight forward) He has read my reply but hasn't responded to me yet for the last day or so. I feel like I kind of gave him a straight forward answer that he couldn't really ask because I said I'm the same way and chose the word 'guarded' to describe myself instead of hurt, so I feel like he doesn't know how to follow that without changing the subject.

No, i am not expecting him to literally talk to me every day or answer me immediately, but this is the longest we've gone and it just so happens to be a more personal question and wanted to get some opinions.


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  • be natural talk as if you know each other for a long time


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