What should we text to girls?

Hey, I've never dated someone nor taken a girl's number in my past 22 years of existence.

There's a girl I really like and I am planning to take her number for the moment. Then, if things go well I might ask her out.

However, if I take her number I really do not know what I will have to text her in order to not be seen as a boring person or else.

Can you help me out please?



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  • Hi!
    Well it's not that big deal. You can begin with usual talk about her schedule and how she loves to spend her day. Ask about her family and drop in some embarrassing (make sure they are funny) stories of your family or relatives.
    Play 20 questions with her. (Make sure not to ask any personal questions that might make her feel uncomfortable) Your questions should be lame and unreal. Make her laugh her guts out. (okay not really but make her laugh a lot)
    Tell her something that touched you. (in as short length as you can)
    Drop in some lines that inspired you.
    Be true you. Don't lie or pretend to be something you are not.

    Hope this helps ^_^
    Revert back with progress and good luck!

    • It sounds difficult haha. Well I'll follow your steps and see where it goes.
      Thank you for your help ! :)

    • Haha sorry! I didn't want to complicate it for you.
      Well just pick out points that you like or are comfortable with. Don't overdo anything ;)

      P. S. A friend of mine used to send me random songs lyrics and I loved it! My boyfriend does that too so that might also help ^_^

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  • Hey, your hair's cool. Or something like that I don't know

  • If you like her you should


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  • I tend to say random shit or thoughts and that seems to get girls talking cause they're wondering what the hell I'm talking about.

    If you really wanna stand out, call instead of texting.

  • you can start with "Hi how are you doing"

    • This is so cliché, but what comes after that. I don't want to text someone to end up with an awkward silence while texting lol.

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    • Well I do need guidance every step because I've never dated someone so I do not know how it works to be honest. I'm a late bloomer, I have to deal with it.
      I've already seen some stuffs over internet, but did not find much informative stuffs. Thus, I'm asking from experience guys and girls that are over there.

      I'll make sure to PM you once I do have a clue on where to start. Thank you for your help though :)

    • It's all good man, good luck! Read up on info and get out off your comfort zone.

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