Women never give me a chance. What is going on there?

I am 5.7 '' tall and I believe that I am good-looking. I hit the weights pretty hard, I dance and generally speaking, I am the best version of my self (hygiene, clothing, etc). However, I am sick of not getting a chance from the girls I like. Can you help me? What is wrong here?


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  • Don't be too desperate. Be alright with being alone. Like yourself, but not too much or you would be narcissistic. Try to show passion in something. Be nice. BE gentle.
    DON'T be rude to anybody. Be nice. Be positive. Help those who need help, but also don't give all you have.
    and most importantly, BE CLEAR OF YOUR INTENTIONS. Don't play too much mind games. Smile at the girl. Joke with her. It is ok if you blush around her. But don't cling too much, and don't do everything for her. be genuinely nice.

    • I dont like games, I am always clear. I am ok in my own skin. I go clubbing on my own and generally speaking, my life looks good. But, I lack of love.

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  • I am going to give you the same advise I gave to a friend of mine. So this may not apply to you at all.

    I advise you to look at your life and look at what girls do look at you. I am pretty sure they are there. Maybe you don't find them interesting but still look at them. Ask yourself why they are interested in you and the girls you want are not.

    It could be that you treat them more relaxed. With them you are not trying to be that interesting guy. You are just being yourself and therefore interesting.

    So maybe that is what's going on here.

    • the problem is that there aren't girls who are interested. If I like a girl, I ask her out for a coffee. Then, boom, failure

    • Even when I was undateable there were girls that like me. I was because I was thinking the same way you are thinking now that i didn't notice.

      Some random tips
      Stop impressing girls. Instead be the guy that the girls want to impress.

      Start with getting some true female friends. Don't try to date them. Befriend them in a genuine way. It will improve your social life and your dating possibilities will increase. They will tell their friends what a great guy you are and their friends will be interested. "Recommendation" is one of the most powerful things in life. Again... be a true friend and not the "I wanna have sex with you and your friends" kind of friend.

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  • Can I help you?
    Yeah, drop the self-entitled attitude. It doesn't matter how good-looking or fit you are. Nobody likes a guy who's full of himself and doesn't have anything other than good physical attributes to bring to the table. Even if you're friendly and very personable, that doesn't make you 'deserving' of getting a girl. It's not quite that simple.

    • I do my best to make everyone's day. I am kind and compliment girls I am not attracted to, I am socializing, etc. I try hard to get better, so I wanted to emphasize it. Could you be more specific?

    • sounds like you're being friendly, which is good. To get girls romantically interested in you, they usually have to find you at least somewhat attractive. Have personality's that click, and be compatible in other ways as well like culturally, religiously, whatever type of lifestyle you have...
      On top of having good chemistry. That's the best way I can sum it up but really there are so many variables that change with each girl, you'll probably just have to figure it out on your own.

  • It's not all about looks and hygiene. Maybe it's your attitude, demeanor, or the way you treat others?

    • I dont think that the problem lies there. When I meet a girl at the club, we haven't talked before so she doesn't know how I am.

    • Perhaps it's the way you come off.

  • Maybe you may seem a bit cocky or full of yourself to other women. Also don't go straight into the flirting thing maybe try just being friendly first?

    • hmm, I am afraid of friend zone. I make my intentions clear from the very beginning. About the cockiness, I don't know! I am sure that I am not cocky on purpose though

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    • I thought girls love straightforward guys. damn

    • There you go, try taking a different approach. Problem solved haha :)

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  • Maybe try flexing that other muscle. You know, the one called your brain?

  • how long have you been single?

  • It's the fact that you're 5'7", women are extremely shallow in regards to height.


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