Is this something that would make you run the other way? What should I do?

Two people getting to know eachother romantically, you've already kissed, had sex too and they've mentioned they want to be together. Then one day just having casual conversation about exes they say they should've married their ex, tried harder to keep them, they were the one that got away. Red flag?


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  • Yeah.

    If they're already screwing and romantic with me, and they're saying they wish they were with someone else, I'd be like 'what the hell'.

    • Right? Then he says I'm weird cuz no other past gfs have asked about his exes.

    • You deserve better.

    • Thank you. I had a hard time with this because I really liked him. I don't want to just be a band aid for someone.

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  • No, not at all. It just means that they understand now that when they have a good thing that they need to hold onto it.

    • The way he said it raised alarms. Plus I asked him what he'd do if she came back. He said he doesn't know what he'd do but he'd tell her has a girlfriend. Its all in the way he said it

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  • Well sounds like a bummer really. This clearly means that the person isn't over his/her ex. So not exactly a red flag but a potential one (should the ex spring back in her eyes).

  • Kind of, yes.


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