How do I get over him already?

(21 female...i know it says male)

i have tried:

1. giving it time- seems like every time I am close to getting over him he text me...then I start thinking about him again

2. I don't contact him...i do text back when he text me...but short and simple ( that only like once every two weeks)

3. going out and hanging out with friends...i end up getting drunk and talking about him anyway.

4. dating other guys...i think about him most of the time..or I find things wrong with them

what are other things i can do?


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  • Completely ignore him. He'll get the message. Don't text him when he texts you.

    • I think that I kinda wanna get back with him...the only time he does text me is when he is drunk though :( and then a couple days after that to say sorry :( ( he knows I don't like it when he does it...he says he tries not to but always end up doing it anyway) friends tell me to do the same....but I feel rude by not texting him time could I say something like... I got the text but don't think I should respound?

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