Do Black American girls like Indian or Pakistani guys?

i like black girls a lot of them are beautiful very beautiful girls liek eden stiles, gab union (one of the msot beautiful girl i nthe world ) keke palmer, the list goes on but i'm thinking if i try to date them would black guys be angry? also would they even go out with any of us? by the way danny and lacey from a cute couple (he's part indian 0 and she is of African ancestry i loved the coiuple and i love a lot of u girls but would u give us a chance?


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  • I would think color does not matter as long as they like you. When it comes to black guys well I think yeah some might not like it. But that always happens with interatial couples.


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  • not everyone is the same, some black girls must like guys from pakistan and some may not


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  • Nope sorry


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